Freed Grant LLC attorneys handle probate matters when someone passes away with or without a will or has a trust but failed to fund that trust.

When no will exists, state law outlines how assets will be distributed. Our attorneys can help to ensure that your interests are represented in this process.

When the deceased has left a will with clear instructions on distributing final assets, the heirs typically accept the instructions. But, in some cases, someone contests the will. That leads to litigation. Probate litigation can be very complicated and involves heirs, beneficiaries, executors, and trustees. Our attorneys know how to work through the litigation process to bring the best result to our clients.

Probate litigation can address:

  • Trust Issues
  • Issues addressing incapacity or undue influence
  • Property Title Disputes

Probate matters can involve the businesses that were owned by the deceased. Freed Grant LLC attorneys, being business lawyers, know how to navigate through these contentious and tricky issues.