Labor & Employment

Our attorneys can handle your workplace legal issues with your business goals in mind. We strive for outcomes that make the most business sense for your company.

You want to ensure that you have the best team in place to advance your workplace goals, deliver on promises and produce quality products and services. You know that treating employees the right way is the right thing to do, and Freed Grant attorneys can ensure that you accomplish this critical objective.

Workplace laws can be complicated and they can change with some frequency. We can help you avoid potential problems and litigation by reviewing your policies and procedures to ensure that you are in compliance with federal, state and local laws. That does not mean you will never face litigation, but if you do, we will advocate on your behalf in federal, state or local courts.

In spite of your best efforts, sometimes employees take actions that can threaten your hard-earned success. Sometimes they behave in ways that put you in legal peril. Sometimes they decide they want to organize in a way that weakens your ability to manage as you see fit. Freed Grant attorneys are ready to help with these and other labor and employment concerns.

The labor and employment topics we can help you with include wage-hour matters, employee leaves, discrimination, pay equity, and litigation of employment disputes.

Executive Matters

Freed Grant attorneys also have experience helping executives who are being removed from their positions or facing other workplace challenges. We can help executives resolve their workplace problems and, when exiting, receive fair exit packages, maintain their professional reputations and leave an organization with the least amount of disruption possible.

Choose a law firm that values what you value: integrity, responsiveness, creativity, excellent customer service, and efficiency.